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Inhabitants of the Wil Parish, Zürich, Switzerland
1640 - 1900


The genealogical information on this web site is based on the Wil church books 1641 - 1875, Haushaltungsrodel 1634 - 1723 and the "Chronik der Bürgergeschlechter von Wil, Zürich, 1641 - 1898", compiled by Rudolf Angst. If available, it has been further extended to encompass one generation of people who migrated abroad or married into the the villages of Wil, Hüntwangen and Wasterkingen.

The extraction of the data is complete and we would like to thank all the people who have helped with it. We welcome any further data that you are able to contribute and will update the website once a year with it. All this data is freely available for non-commercial purposes and does not contain information about living people, except where permission has been explicitly given.

We are aware that this data contains a number of errors that need to be rectified. However, we have not completed that task yet. On finding an apparent error, we entered a description of the problem, followed by the word "CHECK" in the general Notes. If you can help with any of these discrepancies, please send an e-mail to .


A book of the history of Wil (Wil, die Geschichte eines Bauerndorfes auf dem Rafzerfeld, ed. 1993, 355 pages) can be purchased from the Wil Council Office.

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Last Updated: 16 Feb 2011